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 Room Destroy 8.17.0 by sowa

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Room Destroy 8.17.0 by sowa  Empty
PostSubject: Room Destroy 8.17.0 by sowa    Room Destroy 8.17.0 by sowa  EmptySun Oct 23, 2011 1:57 am

Room Destroy 8.17.0 by sowa  Rd10

- Room locker, booter and chat client with special features.

Good things:
- Support Http, YMSG 12, 13,14 15,16,102 logins
- New exploits
- Built-in booter, spammer, room locker, id locker and more...
- Voice domination
- Anti boot
- Easy to use, good looking
- Completely free

- The combination of Server + port + YMSG version are very important. You should DOUBLE CHECK before login the bots. It decides that your bots will login or not!
- The combination of server + port + YMSG version also affects the way you use the bots, for example: anti boot, stay in room, booter etc
For example, use YMSG 102 + mud server,it can avoid invite exploit packet which is being used to make room booter.
- mud servers can be used to login YMSG 12, 13 14, 101, 102
- sp1 and ac4 servers can login only YMSG 15, 16
- To use room boot option, you should use YMSG 13,14,15,16 and sp1 or ac4 servers. Otherwise it wont work. Only these servers send this type of boot packet.
* RD is actually a toy, use it in your style, different people use RD with different styles

Version 8.17.0
- Fixed Captcha for HTTP login.

Room Destroy 8.17.0 by sowa  Rd110


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Room Destroy 8.17.0 by sowa  Empty
PostSubject: KIRK SAYS___   Room Destroy 8.17.0 by sowa  EmptyThu Dec 08, 2011 5:14 pm


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Room Destroy 8.17.0 by sowa
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